What does colleagues mean in the VivoLead dashboard?

VivoLead offers a possibility to store information on all of your colleges at an event so you can easily share information and business opportunities with your co-workers.

If you have a dialogue with an interested customer, but the interest is not within your normal product responsibility, you can easily copy (CC:) one of your colleagues on the outgoing follow-up mail to the customer. This way your college will automatically be notified by mail about this business opportunity and can react accordingly.

How to set up colleagues in the VivoLead dashboard

In VivoLead you kan easily notify your colleagues about a new lead. When you add colleagues to a lead in the app, they are automatically CC’ed on the email sent to the lead.

How to set up colleagues

  1. Log on to the VivoLead dashboard
  2. Press "APP SETTINGS" icon
  3. Press “NEW”
  4. Insert your colleague’s name in the blank space
  5. Insert your colleague’s email
  6. Press the check mark to confirm

You have now successfully added a new colleague to VivoLead.