When you have entered the VivoLead webinar on GoBrunch, there are a few tips you should know. 

We have made this article to help you relax and be heard during the VivoLead webinar. 

1. Have a seat

To be able to in participate the webinar, you must select a seat. This is simply done by clicking the seat, you want to sit on. When you sit down, a chat box will appear in the button of the webinar screen.

2. Get a larger screen showing the presentation

During a presentation you will see the screen, VivoLead is presenting on. We could for example be presenting a PowerPoint presentation. 

The you will see a small presentation screen. If you want to expand the screen, simply click and hold on the arrow icon in the button right corner of the small presenting screen and pull until you reach the desired screen size.

3. Asking questions

If you want to ask a question during the presentation, you can type it in the chat box in the button of the screen. If you have more than one question, please type them one at a time. 

Please end your question with a question mark. That makes it easier for us to keep track fo your questions.

Your VivoLead webinar presenter will answer your question - either in between slides or at the end of the PowerPoint show.