The mail tracking report from VivoLead, consists of 6 columns in an Excel sheet. These columns are:

Lead name

This is the name of the lead.

Lead email

The email address of the lead.


In this column, you can see how many times the confirmation email send from the VivoLead app, has been opened. If the number for a lead is zero, it means the lead has not opened the mail. 


In this column, you can see if your lead has clicked on any links in the confirmation email. If your lead has clicked any links, you will see a number signifying how many times a lead clicked the links. Furthermore, you will be able to see which links, they have pressed as the links opened will also be listed in this column next to each lead.


In this column, you can see, if the confirmation email has been received by your lead. This column can say three things:

  • OK: the email has been send and received 
  • Mail not send: the confirmation email has not been send from the VivoLead app
  • Bounced: the email has been send, but not received, likely because there is a flaw in the email address.

Resend by VL

If you want us to resend the confirmation emails to leads, who have not opened your initial confirmation email, just contact us and let us know. 

Example of the VivoLead mail tracking report