VivoLead has a mail tracking service that allows you to see which of the emails, you send to leads, are opened. Furthermore, the mail tracking service makes i possible to see if leads press any links in the email.

How it works

Contact VivoLead and we will create an Excel file with all the information from the mail tracking service. In this Excel file, you will be able to se:

  • Which leads have opened the mails send from the VivoLead app. 
  • When the mails were opened.
  • Whether your leads have pressed any links in the emails send from the VivoLead app.

Be aware of...

The VivoLead app makes it possible for your app users to register new leads until one month after an event has ended. As such,  it may make sense for you to wait a while before you get the mail tracking data from VivoLead because you need to make sure, all your app users have registered  and synchronized their leads  from the event first. 

If you want to make a trade show or event inactive so your app users cannot register nem leads to a new lead, this can be done under APP SETTINGS in the VivoLead dashboard.

Using our re-send service

VivoLead can re-send mails to leads that have not opened the mails send from the VivoLead app the first time around. Contact us to let us now if this is something you want us to do after your events.

Why use the mail tracking service

The mail tracking service is a tool to make you more aware of which of your leads are more interested in making business than others. 

If your leads do not open the mail, VivoLead re-sends, as described above, maybe the is not as interested as first assumed. 

Or maybe your lead has opened the confirmation email send from the VivoLead app, the very same day, you send it. Use this information to learn, which leads to follow up on fastest - in addition to the information gathered when registering the lead. 

If you want to learn more about Vivolead's mail tracking service, please contact us.