From time to time you can experience very poor internet connections from the trade show centers you are in as an exhibitor or as a visitor. 

The reason can be many but mainly the bandwidth is low if you are on the public free Wi-Fi and even in some cases your own connection installed from the trade show center may be poor as well.

This means that using our OCR features could become an issue since the function will automatically time out if it takes too long time to process the business card and will return an error - as well as you could have difficulties sending confirmation emails from the VivoLead - "So what will I do then?" you may ask.

Using your mobile phone with your built-in SIM card means that you are always online this will in many cases solve the problem but if the problem still occurs you have another option you could make use of which is as below:

Scan the business card at the trade show and make the other lead registrations and save the lead but wait with the OCR function until you get back to your hotel where you properly have a more stable internet connection. Then you OCR scan your business card which you already have made photos of and then also here send the confirmation mail to the clients you meet the same day.

In this way, you can still get the advantages of using VivoLead and respond back to clients the same day you meet at events or trade shows.