If may occur when you are adding new media links to your account, that you experience that the links change as you press the green check mark. This does not necessarily mean that the link will contain other information or be flawed, though.

Often when you experience changing URL's, the reason can be found in your original link address. If your original URL link contains %20, you will see the link change in the Vivolead dashboard. This is because %20 represents an encoded element in your URL link. This element will change to a blank space when you confirm the link i VivoLead. 

As such, you will not see %20, but instead a blank space. This should not affect the link, you access via the VivoLead app. However, if you want to check, it is the correct link, start a lead registration in the app and check the file under the Media tab. The media page/link/file you see in the app, will also be what your leads can see. 

Just remember that every time you make a change in the VivoLead dashboard, you need to log out of the app and log in again to be able to see the changes.