VivoLead enables you to take photos of drawings or sketches and store it inside VivoLead for later use. Many exhibitors finds it very handy since they do not need to keep track of all the traditional handwritten documents.

Include note

  1. Press the 'Notes' tab
  2. Press the 'Comments' field

When you are finished, simply move on and your note i saved

Include photo

  1. Press the 'Notes' tab
  2. Press the camera icon 
  3. Take photo

When you are finished, simply move on and your sketch is saved. You can then ad a note to the sketch, if relevant. 

You may need to grant VivoLead access to you camera in the settings on your smartphone or tablet before you can take your very first photo with the VivoLead app.

Use the dictation function

Most smartphones offer a dictation option. This means that instead of writing, you can just say the inforation, when pressing the note field. This may be easier and faster than writing down yourself.

Be aware that the language settings on your smartphone keyboard may influence the language, your phone can dictate for you. If for example your phone is set to German, it may not register your notes correctly if you speak English in the dictated note.