In VivoLead it is easy to send follow-up emails to your leads on the spot. These emails allows you to continue a dialogue with a lead immediately after you have finished your initial dialogue with the lead.

Default email signature

VivoLead draws out the personal information on every user to make a default email signature. Therefore, it is important that the correct user information is available in Vivolead's web interface. Otherwise, the information in the email signature will contain the wrong information. 

Change a user's email signature

To change your user's email signature, you need to change their user information in the web interface. 

  1. Enter VivoLead's web interface
  2. Press "USERS"
  3. Find the user, whose information, you need to change
  4. Press on the yellow person icon in the right side of the screen
  5. Change information 
  6. Press the green check mark to confirm

You have now successfully changed the email signature of a user. 

Please note! To make sure the alterations have been activated, make sure the user in question logs out of the VivoLead app and logs in again. When your user logs into the VivoLead app again, the information in the email signature will be changed. 

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