In VivoLead it is easy to send follow-up emails to your leads on the spot. These emails allows you to continue a dialogue with a lead immediately after the initial dialogue.

Default email signature

VivoLead draws out the personal information on every user to make a default email signature. Therefore, it is important that you enter the correct information, when you add new users in VivoLead's web interface. Otherwise, the information in the email signature will contain the wrong information. The wrong name and contact information not only makes it hard for your leads to get in touch with your VivoLead users, it also makes your users and your company appear less professional.

To add a new user or alter existing user information log on to the VivoLead web interface here.

Example of email signature

As a result of default email settings, the email signature of emails sent from the VivoLead app, will appear like this:

Company name
First and last name
Phone No.
Email address
Company address

Get a logo in your email signature

If your company has chosen the VivoLead business package, it is also possible to include a logo in the email signature. 


You can learn about inserting company logo in outgoing emails from VivoLead here.