VivoLead runs in 6 different languages; English, Chinese, Danish, German, Spanish and French. If you want to add another language to the app, this can be done. 

The implementation of the extra language can - with you help - be done in approximately 3 weeks time. 

Adding an extra language to VivoLead is relative simple and straight forward for us if we help each other.

VivoLead consists of approximately 350 combined words and sentences in total that will need to be translated. The way we do this is simple. We send you our entire text in an Excel sheet in English and then your own people can just put in the right wording for the foreign language you wish us to implement.

In this way we can implement en entire new language layer in VivoLead within 3 weeks after the recept of the translated Excel file from your end.

Pricing is estimated to: 3895.- Euro per language.