As a VivoLead administrator, you have two VivoLead accounts; one for the VivoLead add and one for VivoLead's web interface. The latter account is also known as the admin account.

Each account offers different possibilities.

Options with the VivoLead admin account

Every company, who uses VivoLead, has a VivoLead admin account attached. If you have two VivoLead logins that means, you are an admin in your company. 

The VivoLead admin is the only account in your company that can access VivoLead's web interface. That means, you are the only one who can:

  • Administrate users
  • Add or remove media files
  • Add new events
  • See statistics
  • Export data from VivoLead
  • Get phone and mail support from VivoLead
  • See the VivoLead invoice
  • Change company profile
  • Change the confirmation email template

With the admin account, you do not have access to the VivoLead app. The admin login information only works in the login section of VivoLead's website. 

Options with the VivoLead app user account

The app user account lets you access the VivoLead app on your tablet or smartphone. The app user account is where you gather all your lead data. It is the account you use, when you are out at an event.

With the VivoLead app account, you can:

  • Register leads
  • Synchronize leads
  • Send confirmation emails to leads
  • Send brochures to leads
  • Send digital files to leads
  • Share website links with leads
  • Take notes
  • Take photos