VivoLead does not remove or delete any of your trade show data. There is, however, a limit to how long the data is available after the trade show. That is because VivoLead only collects the data. 

Making a trade show inactive

In VivoLead's web interface, you can make a trade show inactive. That means the trade show will no longer be an option on the VivoLead app and the app users will no longer be able to register leads to this trade show. 


If you have made a trade show inactive four days after the trade show, app users will also not be able to register new leads.

You will, however, still be able to see and export data from the VivoLead web interface.

Last call for registering leads

VivoLead has made the decision that you will not be able to register new leads to trade shows later than one month after the event has ended. Therefore, you must register all leads before this date. This has no influence on your data, which will always be available through the VivoLead web interface. 

Export data from VivoLead

When you need to follow up on your leads, you will need your VivoLead admin account to export your leads from VivoLead. Some companies choose to import the lead data to their CRM system, to Microsoft Outlook or to use the Excel sheet, which is exported from VivoLead.