You can easily register a new lead to your VivoLead app. Just watch the video or read the guide and you will get a step by step introduction about VivoLead lead registration.

Video guide

This video guide gives you a quick introduction to lead registration with the VivoLead app. 

Detailed description

If you want a more detailed description of how to register a lead, read and follow the steps below. We will guide you through every steps of the registering process.


Enter contact information

You can enter contact details for your leads in 2 different ways in the VivoLead app; manually or by scanning your leads business card with our OCR scanner. 

Enter contact information manually

If you want to register a lead manually, just follow these few steps:

  1. Open the VivoLead app
  2. Log in with you VivoLead account
  3. Select event
  4. Press the green and white plus icon in the top right corner
  5. Enter contact information
  6. Select country in the scroll-down menu
  7. Press "Interest" to continue the lead registration

You can read more about how to register a new lead here.

Enter contact information using the business card scanner

If you want to register a lead using the business card scanner, also known as the OCR scanner, follow these few steps below or watch the video.

  1. Open the VivoLead app
  2. Log in with you VivoLead account
  3. Select trade show
  4. Press the camera icon
  5. Place business card on a surface
  6. Take readable photo of the business card
  7. Press the "OCR" button 
  8. Select language of the business card
  9. Press "Continue"
  10. Press "Interest" to continue the lead registration


Select the products, you leads are interested in by ticking of the right side boxes. This information will make it easy for you to return to leads with relevant information.


In the details section, you can qualify your lead, meaning you can describe the lead, make an estimate of a business potential and learn if your lead is interested in participating in a survey or receiving a newsletter.


Furthermore, you can note the lead type to determine if it is a new or an existing lead, what size the company is, the lead priority, how your lead wants information and whether your lead has any urgent needs. 

Write notes

In the app, you can enclose two images and add notes to your lead. If you want to write down notes or maybe enclose photos of sketches or more, just press the field you want to interact with and get started.

In the VivoLead app, you can select sales documentation or media and share it with leads in outgoing, autogenerated emails. Just select the files, your leads are interested in. Media includes brochures, web pages and digital files.


This way, it is easy for you to keep the lead interested as they will receive the confirmation including digital files when you choose - maybe that is as soon as they leave your exhibition at the trade show. 

  1. Select the relevant files 
  2. Move on to "Actions" by pressing the "Actions" tab in the top right corner


You can send your leads a confirmation email that includes all the info on products and media, your leads are interested in. If your administrator has uploaded a general catalogue, it will be included in the confirmation email. Only your administrator can change wording and appearance of the email.


The app also allows you to send three other types of mails: a standard offer, a newsletter and an invitation to a customer event, if your administrator has enclosed PDF files for this action.

Share leads with your colleagues

When you send a confirmation email to your leads, you can share add colleagues to a lead. That means your colleagues are automatically CC’ed on the outgoing confirmation mail to leads.

You can at any time during the registration process press "SAVE" in the top right corner of your screen and continue the registration at a later point.