In VivoLead you can integrate all you products brochures, web pages and digital files as web links. This means that you can select files, directly from in the app and send it to potential customer form a in just seconds during the lead registration. By using web links there is no limitation to what you can send to the potential customer opportunity. The customer will be able to download any product brochure, you have sent to him or her, easily. 

If you for some reason have not stored your brochures online we can offer you this service.

How to do upload brochures

  1. Log into the VivoLead web interface with you VivoLead admin account
  2. Press "APP SETTINGS"
  3. Select "BROCHURES"
  4. Press “NEW”
  5. Insert a name 
  6. Insert weblink to the online document, you want to register
  7. Press the check mark to confirm

If you want to upload digital files and web pages, follow the same steps, but in step 3, select "DIGITAL FILES" or "WEP PAGES" instead. 


Learn more about uploading media files to VivoLead here.